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[BUTTRESS] is a musician, artist, filmmaker & actress based in the NJ/NYC area. This page is devoted to chronicling her music & storefront. To learn more about her other projects, please see descriptions & links in the footer of this page.

Gaining her start in the noise music scene of the Chicago underground, SAIC graduate Buttress set out to try her hand at the art of hip hop. Gaining some happenstantial virality on the website Vine for fucking your dad, buttress has since collaborated with Flying Lotus (including a lead role in his feature film Kuso), Parliament Funkadelic, and others.

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Media Hard Copies
If you would like to purchase "Behind Every Great Man" on vinyl, you can do so by ordering through Choke Artist directly or through Bandcamp
If you would like to purchase "Behind Every Great Man" on CD, you can do so by purchasing through Kunaki. Click here to check out with Paypal
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